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Fair Trade

At Junior Chefs, we are firm advocates of using ethical, organic and sustainably sourced foods wherever possible. As registered members of the Fairtrade Foundation, we strongly support the use of Fairtrade ingredients and, indeed, we even run a special workshop dedicated to the subject. (Please see our Food Education Workshops section for details.)

In recognition of this and related work, we were awarded the title of Fairtrade Business Champion by the Wirral Fairtrade Campaign in February 2012.

We believe that the principles of accountability, traceability and paying a reasonable price for the food we eat are all important elements of a fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable world community. Likewise, we recognise that, where food travels long distances to reach our plates, there can be a heavy price to be paid in terms of both food quality and the environment.

These are important issues that we seek to reflect in our teaching – in ways that young people will both appreciate and understand.

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