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    Tomato ketchup contains acid so it can be used to clean brass and other tarnished metals.

    More than 95% of a cucumber is water.

    The holes in Swiss cheese are made by pockets of gas produced during fermentation.

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    What do monsters like to eat?

    What's the best day to try sugar-free gum?

    What do sea monsters like to eat most?

    Find the answers to these and many more in our Jokes section...

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    Test your skills with some delicious healthy recipes designed for Junior Chefs to try at home.

    Easy to make, look great and tatste fantastic.

    Impress your family with Krazy Kromeskies, Lickable Lollipops and many more.


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Feed your imagination and have fun with food.  Try out our recipes, have a laugh at our jokes and have a go at our quizzes.  Don’t forget to check out the games we’ve found and like.

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