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Food Jokes

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Chef's Jokes, he's having a laugh!

Q. What do monsters like to eat at restaurants?
A. The Chef.

Q. What’s the best day to try sugar-free gum?
A. Chewsday

Q. What do sea monsters like to eat best?
A. Fish and ships.

Q. What happened to the tomato who walked over a sieve?
A. He strained himself.

Q. What’s a ghost’s favourite soup?
A. Scream of tomato.

Q. Which dogs smell of onions?
A. Hot dogs.

Q. What’s purple and screams for help?
A. A damson in distress.

Q. What’s Winnie the Pooh’s favourite pasta?
A. Tagliateddy.

Q. Why are calendars sticky?
A. Because they’re full of dates.

Q. Why did the pie go to the dentist?
A. It needed a filling.

Q. Name six fruits.
A. One apple and five oranges.

Q. If you divide an orange between six friends, what do they each get?
A. Sticky fingers.

Q. Where do baby monkeys sleep?
A. Apricots.

Q. Why was the pear jealous of the apple?
A. Because it could look round.

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