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Guest Post - Romilla Arber

Romilla ArberOur latest guest post comes from Romilla Arber - a respected author, a prominent campaigner for food education and the founder of The Food Education Trust, which was established to promote the benefits of a balanced, home-cooked diet. She's very much a 'kindred spirit' and we're delighted to welcome her to our blog.

The Importance of Food Education

by Romilla Arber

I have been involved in food education since 2005 when I started to write my first book, 'What’s for Dinner?'  I wrote it as much for myself and my family as for other people.  It contained a recipe for every day with helpful shopping lists.  I felt reassured that if I got knocked down by a bus, my family would at least have a kitchen bible to turn to so that they would continue to eat healthily every day.

What Price Good Food?

cartoon of 3 peas on a plate and a bundle of banknotes

The affordability of good food has been in the news lately. In the run-up to Christmas - traditionally a time of over-indulgence - it's perhaps worth thinking about those many families in Britain and abroad for whom lavish meals are simply unaffordable.

Food price inflation and falling wages have meant that that most basic of necessities - the ability to feed the family - has become a huge challenge for some British families. It's a problem that we tend to associate with developing countries but food poverty in the UK is very real.

Guest Post - Jo Cormack

Jo CormackFrom time to time, it's nice to feature a different 'voice' on this blog so we're very pleased to welcome Jo Cormack, who's an expert in children's eating behavior. This is her guest post.

Feelings, Food and Fussy Eaters

By Jo Cormack

I am a counsellor and feeding consultant specialising in helping children develop a positive relationship with food. Most of my work centres around solving picky eating. I believe that in order to turn fussy eaters into little foodies, a three-pronged approach is the best way forward (pardon the fork analogy).

Fruit and Sugar - a Mixed Message for Parents

orange juice in a glass (cartoon)In November, sugar once again hit the headlines with a succession of stories relating to its adverse impact on health.

Early in the month, Keith Vaz MP declared he was "waging a war on sugar" and he urged the Prime Minister to introduce new measures to reduce the levels of  sugar in food and drink. Speaking in the Commons, Mr Vaz said: "In the last 12 months, it's estimated that 24,000 people have died from diabetes-related complications. Next Friday is World Diabetes Day*. As one of the 3.2 million diabetics, can I urge you to do all you can to raise awareness on this issue (and) to introduce measures that will reduce the amount of sugar in our food and drink? We can prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes and we can save lives."

Recipe: Commemorative 'War Cake'

War cake recipeIn our previous blog post, we looked back at the First World War and noted how, a century after it began,  children can still learn from it about the value of growing fresh vegetables, effective food preservation techniques and the importance of maintaining a good balance in the diet. We also promised a recipe for the Junior Chefs' War Cake - so here it is.

Food and The First World War

Junior Chefs' Academy needs you!
Junior Chefs' Academy needs you!

Unless you've spent the last few weeks of the summer holidays somewhere extremely remote, you can't have missed recent coverage of the centenary of the First World War. Newspapers and broadcast media from across the globe have been busily recounting the events leading up to the outbreak of the war in August 1914 and telling the stories of heroism, tragedy, sacrifice and loss that followed it.


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