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Memorable, engaging and affordable, our food education workshops are designed to encourage a healthy appetite for learning.  We offer a range of pre-prepared modules, all of which have been designed to link to the National Curriculum key stages 1 and 2.

We constantly add to and change our workshops to keep them topical, fun and interesting.

Please note that we can also tailor sessions to suit the needs of your curriculum or to take advantage of topical issues and events. For more details, please contact us.

Children’s Healthy Eating Workshops


The Food of War

Junior Chefs' Academy needs YOU
Junior Chefs' Academy needs YOU

Healthy Eating Recipe: War Cake

The First World War broke out in 1914. Now, a century on, we look at how that affected what people ate – both on the battlefield and back home in communities dealing with food shortages and rationing. We’ll also consider what ordinary people did to make the most of the ingredients that were available to them.

Krazy Kitchen Science

Krazy Kitchen Science
Krazy Kitchen Science

Healthy Eating Recipe: Various

Junior Chefs welcomes you to our Krazy Kitchen lab where your junior food scientist will predict, observe and conclude that kitchen science is truly fascinating.

We’ll be bubbling up some weird water facts, experimenting with sour power and, of course, having fun with food!

A Taste of the World

Healthy Eating Recipe: Various

Why not capture the cuisine and culture of your chosen country and let us tailor a session to suit your needs?

We have previously provided a taste of Spain, Italy, France, Greece, America, India, China and the Caribbean – so why not challenge us?

Together, we can explore the world through its foods.

A Taste of America

A taste of America
A Taste of America - Key Lime Pie

Healthy Eating Recipe: Key Lime Pie

This workshop focuses on the cuisine of North America.

The United States feature a rich diversity of landscapes, vegetation and environments, from arid deserts to high mountains, and from remote wilderness to vast fields of crops. Through food, music and a variety of fun activities, we explore this wide and varied land, looking at the foods that are grown and eaten there.

A Taste of Ancient Greece

Healthy Eating Recipe: Vegetable Souvlaki

Linking food education with classical tales of Ancient Greece, we look at foods easily grown in the rocky terrain of Greece's historic landscape.

Combining elements of geography and classical history, we look at what life was like for families and children in Ancient Greece and how their belief in their gods influenced their lives, food and festivals.  We also explore some interesting facts about the foods most often associated with Greece.

A Taste of China

A Taste of China
A Taste of China

Healthy Eating Recipe: Chinese Noodles or Lychee Bake

Recognising China's increasing profile in the modern world, this workshop provides a simple but enjoyable introduction to Mandarin and ancient Chinese food traditions.

A Taste of France

A taste of France poster
Citron aux crèpe; crepe aux Fruits

Healthy Eating Recipe: Crepe aux Fruits

Why do the French eat snails? Because they don’t like fast food!

A memorable introduction to the French language, this session is great for younger children. It features counting, music, shapes and brightly coloured bunting and it takes a look at where foods can be purchased – the boulangerie, the patisserie and the crêperie.

A Taste of Italy

Healthy Eating Recipe: The Chef’s Cannelloni

In this introduction to Italy and its cuisine, we use music, counting and a delicious recipe to develop a greater understanding of language, culture and the benefits of a healthy Mediterranean diet.

Through The Chef's Cannelloni, we discover how pasta releases energy and how it can be matched with other mouth-watering ingredients to deliver protein, vitamins and minerals.

A Taste of Spain

A Taste of Spain
A Taste of Spain

Healthy Eating Recipe: Spanish Onion Bread

Another early introduction to foreign languages, this session looks at the foods produced in Spain and is enlivened by the use of music, flags and games.

Our Spanish Onion Bread recipe is easy to make and very rewarding, and comes with the opportunity to learn useful Spanish vocabulary relating to foods and numbers.

Around The World - Food and Multiculturalism

Tropical fruit crunch - a taste of the world
Tropical fruit crunch

Junior Chefs’ Academy goes global, capturing the cultures and cuisines of different countries…  

Good chefs have got to know their ingredients and where they come from so in this session, we use a recipe for a delicious Tropical Fruit Crunch to explore the world and to sample foods from every corner of the globe.

In addition to food preparation techniques, children will also gain an understanding of:

Black Culture Celebration

Healthy Eating Recipe: Soul Food Salad Wrap

Our Black Culture Celebration is a specially themed workshop that recognises the lives, works and contributions of people of African descent. It's a popular session at any time of the year but it works especially well during October, when many people in Britain, America and Canada celebrate Black History Month.

Early Islamic Civilisation

Healthy Eating Recipe: Baklava

Islam is the world's second most commonly practised religion and, in this session, we take a closer look at the importance of food to Muslims. We consider the ideas behind fasting, which is one of the 'five pillars' (central principles) of Islam. During Ramdan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, adult Muslims abstain from all food and drink during the hours of daylight. Amongst other things, it's a time for developing self control and for appreciating the suffering of the poor and hungry.

Food and Health

Berry stack summer pudding
Berry stack summer pudding

Healthy Eating Recipe: Summer Pudding

The truly effective way to change your Junior Chefs’ attitudes to food. We inspire healthy minds and an understanding of how different foods affect our wellbeing.

Combining berries, strawberries and physalis, our Berry Stack Summer Pudding recipe provides an insight into different seasonal fruits, the vitamins they contain and how different plants grow.

Rights Respecting Schools Workshop

Rights Respecting Schools workshops
Rights Respecting Schools workshop by Junior Chefs' Academy

Healthy Eating Recipe: Szechuan Noodles

Increasing numbers of schools are now pursuing the Rights Respecting Schools Award and, in recognition of this, we've developed a unique new workshop that shows children what the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is really all about.

A Focus on Fairtrade

Fairtrade Tiramisu poster
Focus on Fairtrade

Healthy Eating Recipe: Fairtrade Tiramisu

Is your school working toward gaining Fairtrade status? The Junior Chefs Academy is a certified member of the Fairtrade Foundation.

Introducing the concept of Fairtrade at this age is no mean feat but it’s an extremely powerful way for children to discover the developing world and what life is like for children around the globe.

Eco Schools - Local or Global?

Miles Better - Berry Brulee poster
Aiming for Zero Food Miles

Healthy Eating Recipe: Berry Brulee

Local food is better by miles.

In this session, we’ll take a look at veg-box schemes, farmers’ shops and markets, and ‘pick and grow your own’. In particular, we look at berries from Britain and how they can be used ot make a delicious, nutritous brulee.

Pirate Food Facts

Pirates' pineapple creole
Pirates' pineapple creole

Healthy Eating Recipe: Pirates’ Pineapple Creole

How did pirates keep their food fit for eating without the use of refrigerators or freezers?

In this stomach-churning look at historical diets, we look a the perils of bacteria, fungus and vitamin deficieny, as well as some ingenious food preservation techniques. Our recipe for pineapple creole oozes all the ingredients needed for a healthy, balanced diet.

Down At The Dairy

Bread and butter pudding
Bread and butter pudding

Healthy Eating Recipe: Bread and Butter Pudding

It’s healthy bones day with Junior Chefs!

In this session, we look at the link between diet and strong bones, and in particular at the importance of calcium. Using magic tricks and our Calcium Calculator, we consider the value of milk, dairy products and regular exercise.

Handa's Surprise (KS1 only)

Healthy Eating Recipe: Exotic Fruit Surprise

Join Handa, a young Kenyan girl, as she makes her journey to visit her friend Akeyo, collecting delicious and tempting fruits along the way!

A unique and creative workshop that brings "literacy to life", this session encourages children to try some of these exotic fruits and then use them to create a deliciously healthy dish.

A Taste Of The Great Outdoors

Healthy Eating Recipe: Cinnamon and Blueberry Tart

It might be nice to be able to get strawberries in December but what’s the real cost of buying foods from the other side of the world?

In this session, which works best in the summer term, we look at the idea of food miles and why local, seasonal foods are usually best for everyone and why growing your own can be best of all.

Mission Nutrition

Mission Nutrition - power food salad
Mission Nutrition - power food salad

Healthy Eating Recipe: Rice Salad

Can we be part of your school’s strategy for promoting better health?

At a time when children’s health and fitness has become a national concern, our ‘Sporting Power Food’ session explores the links between food intake and issues such as concentration, strength and stamina.

Using a simple recipe for an energy boosting Rice Salad, we give children the skills to keep themselves healthy with an understanding of the relationship between diet, exercise, lifestyle and health.

Rise 'n' Shine

Rise 'n' shine breakfast recipe
Rise 'n' shine breakfast recipe

Healthy Eating Recipe: Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so to help you make the most of  it, Junior Chefs will cook up a healthy breakfast treat.

In this session we look at fruits, cereals and other foods that give us a steady supply of energy and keep us ready to meet the challenges of the day ahead.

The Power of Pasta

The Power of Pasta
The Power of Pasta

Healthy Eating Recipe: Pesto Pasta Salad

Based on an ever-popular recipe that kids are keen to take home and replicate with their families, this session takes a look at energy and why pasta means faster.

In Pasta Bingo, we identify different pasta shapes and we also see how pasta can be combined with the different vegetable families.

Enterprise Package

Healthy Eating Recipe: Various

Entrepreneurship is a complex subject for very young minds but by the time that pupils are preparing for the transition into Y7 & and beyond, attitudes are already being formed. In this session, we investigate a healthier approach to enterprise and look at the importance of issues such as communication, teamwork, planning, decision making and leadership.

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