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Food Technology Resources

Junior Chefs Academy Food Technology Resources
Junior Chefs' Academy provides everything necessary for its sessions

All our food education workshops are supported by top quality food technology resources, which encompass everything from the physical equipment we use to the recipe packs and learning materials that the children will take home at the end of the day.

All our equipment, from our portable oven to our display materials and food science demonstrations are professionally and comprehensively checked for safety and reliability. The security of your pupils is of paramount importance so we ensure that they are not at any risk from sharp blades, hot surfaces or any similar potential source of injury. We have a 100% safety record and aim to keep it that way.

Our Food Technology Resources:

  • Cooking equipment
  • All basic utensils – plastic knives, spoons, crockery and containers
  • Chefs’ hats, aprons, table coverings
  • Fresh ingredients; Fairtrade and locally sourced where possible
  • Food science and technology experiments
  • Colourful displays, projector (video or OHP), slides & instructions
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Food related games and magic tricks
  • Recipe packs including menus and related information

Other Food Technology Resources:

In the course of preparing and delivering our food education workshops, we have found many online resources that may be useful for teachers. Below are some examples that we particularly liked:

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