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Parents' Testimonials

Junior Chefs Academy Parent Testimonials
Healthier Eating Families

It's great to get positive feedback fromthe Schools we work with but we also get some great testimonials from Parents' as well.  Here are a selection we feel are representative of what Parents' tell us.

My son, 8 years old at the time, started at Junior Chefs five years ago.  He has become a budding chef and, now, can turn his hand to most things and we can trust him completely in the kitchen. It is a wonderful environment for any child to start to learn to cook. Our younger daughter now attends. Paul and Sue are excellent teachers; without those two we would be at a loss for something interesting for our children to do! Junior Chefs Academy is brilliant value for money, and you can be sure that they’re safe, having fun and learning a valuable skill.

T Johnson


Thank you so much for the positive experience you gave my son Sam in Summer. Sam has, like a lot of children, tried out many hobbies, largely sport. However, cookery has touched him in a way that nothing else has. To hear he had  a talent for it and to receive so much praise and encouragement from you has also had a massive effect on his confidence. He has always enjoyed cooking with us at home, but this experience took him to another level. I cannot thank you enough for the difference you have made, and look forwards to hopefully many more experiences for Sam.

S. Smith


My daughter walked in form school and placed her berry dessert in the fridge. She was disgusted that we drank blue-top milk and said “the Chef said you have to buy low fat ice cream.” We then had to play ‘spot the fruit’ at Tesco. Amazing – she is six years old and now a healthy eating foodie, it seems. Tow very impressed parents.

J & S Hately.


I have got to say how impressed I was with the quality of the foods my son brought home today. He insisted I try his sun-dried tomato and basil bread, which tasted terrific and looked so professional. We were then forced to complete the Bread Buzzword word-search. I have never known him to be so enthusiastic.

B Doyle


I could not believe it when my 8-year old daughter asked me for some crudités to go in her lunchbox in the morning. The only vegetables she will eat are carrots with the life cooked out of them. Fantastic – keep up the good work.

S Fenwick


“The Chef says this… The Chef says that…” Our son has a new passion and a hero, it would seem. You have inspired him into our kitchen. Thank you.

T Macready


I have been so impressed with the change in my son’s attitude towards food since attending the JCA workshops. Not only his willingness to try new foods, but the hours of pleasure he now derives from being in the kitchen with his mother. A remarkable transformation. Thank you from a very impressed dad.

A Rodgers


My daughter returned home from school in a chef’s hat, proudly showing her father her ‘berry stack.’ I quote: “I have had the best day of my life,” said our seven year old daughter. Anna and her friends were so excited about your sessions; obvious learning has taken place. Could you please forward details of your out-of-school activities?

M Jones


My son had a great day today and has made new friends, which he doesn’t do easily. Could you please add us to your mailing list?

C. Lloyd


My daughter took an egg out of the fridge today, proceeded to shake it and cracked it onto a plate. My husband and I were stunned when she explained about the ‘chalazae’ (we had to research to corroborate). We knew she enjoys your sessions but that is sheer learning. Very impressive.

T. Paige

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